Internet Packages

San Joaquin & Stanislaus

250 Mbps

  • Strike the perfect balance between internet speed and cost savings with our most popular choice for the average household.
  • 250 Mbps Download
  • 50 Mbps Upload

500 Mbps

  • Boost your broadband internet performance with more speed to stream, share and game like a pro on even more devices.
  • 500 Mbps Download
  • 100 Mbps Upload

1,000 Mbps

  • Our max internet package runs at the speed of your business while supporting multiple devices with ease.
  • 1,000 Mbps Download
  • 200 Mbps Upload

No Worries Guarantee

Full Support & Hardware Package

Professionally installed and configured home Wi-Fi with no dead zones

Get the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology without expensive up-front costs

Local live support, no hassle returns and exchanges

Peace of mind knowing your Wi-Fi equipment is protected from accidental damage